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Christmas Light Installation Business


What's in the Business Kit?

"Christmas Light Business KitTagg Hamilton's

Christmas Light Installation Business Kit
"Your Guide to Christmas Light Installation Profits!"


Here's a look at over 100+ pages of important information that you'll receive in my Christmas Light Installation Business Kit:




Chapter 1: The Christmas Light Industry

    The Business of Lights
    Your Role In the Industry
    Who is qualified for this business?
    Your Competition
    What To Expect

Chapter 2: Starting a Business

    Types of Businesses
    Business License
    Starting A Business In the USA
    Starting A Business In Canada

Chapter 3: Advertising

    Letting The Public Know You Exist
    When to Advertise
    Advertising to Commercial Properties
    Marketing Ideas
    Tricks & Tips
    Create a Website
    Advertising Online

Chapter 4: Planning Ahead

    Creating a Marketing Plan
    Personalize Your Plan
    Why is this Information Important?
    Time To Act

Chapter 5: Takin' Care of Business

    Use a Database
    Hire a Secretary

Chapter 6: Connecting by Email & Phone

    Business by Email
    Business on the Phone
    Phone Calls
    Phone Etiquette
    Commonly asked Questions
    Doing Business On the Phone

Chapter 7: Pricing

    Setting Your Rates
    Pricing Tips
    Suggested Pricing
    Phone Estimates
    Quotes vs. Estimates

Chapter 8: Scheduling

    Creating Appointments
    Giving The Quote
    Meeting With Clients
    Scheduling Installations
    Collecting Payment
    Dealing with Repair Calls

Chapter 9: Your Customers

    Knowing Your Clients
    Customer Loyalty
    Benefits of Customer Retention
    Keeping Clients Year-After-Year
    Customers to Avoid

Chapter 10: Your Employees

    Hiring & Managing Your Crew
    Treating your Employees Well

Chapter 11: Expanding Your Business

    Expand Your Business
    Year Round Opportunities
    Tips on Expanding Your Business
    Add-on Services for extra $$

Chapter 12: Tools & Equipment

    Electricity Essentials
    What You’ll Need
    Electrical Terms Glossary
    Shopping List

Chapter 13: Installation Procedures

    C7/C9 Lights
    Mini Lights
    Trouble Shooting
    Light Removal

Chapter 14: Where to Buy Christmas Lights

    My Private list of suppliers

Also Included:

  1. The Do's & Dont's of Christmas Light Installation
  2. Christmas Light Removal Instructions
  3. Please Avoid Doing This!
  4. How To Safely Remove Christmas Lights
  5. DANGER!... What to watch out for


  1. Christmas Light Installation Supply Companies
  2. Christmas Light Installation Business Management Software Tips
  3. Manufacturers of Christmas Light Installation Products,
  4. Government Regulations and Standards
  5. Christmas Light Installation E-books and Instruction

Christmas Light Supplier

Christmas Light Wholesale Supplier List ($37 Value)

I will give you the secrets to how and where I get my Christmas Lights from. Who has the highest quality lights? Who has the best prices? I have included information on companies from the USA, Canada, and the UK.

This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is buying lots of Christmas Lights this season. It has taken me over 7 years to create this list and now I am passing my secrets on to you!

Marketing Materials Package

Marketing Materials Package ($800 Value)

Marketing is the most important aspect of the business. How is any one supposed to know you exist unless you advertise? I am giving you the EXACT SAME marketing materials that I use to run my business. Now you can hit the ground running! There is no excuse for failure once you have these marketing materials. I have used these materials to grow my company to the point where I generate over $100,000 in sales every year.

This is what you get...

5 Professional Business Card Templates - These are full color and designed by a professional Graphic Designer. This is a sure-fir way to impress your clients.

Banner Ads for Internet advertising

Postcards for your mailouts - Full Color & Professional

Customizable Stationary including Fax, envelopes, and letterheads.

2 Sign Templates - A must have for any Christmas Light Business!

Database Template - This allows you to organize your leads effectively

Business Forms - Estimate, Quote, and Invoice sheets

Website Template - I am including a professionally designed, high quality website template so you can have a web presence and allow customers to search for you on the Internet!

Christmas Light Operations Manual

Christmas Cash Operations Manual ($500 Value)

This is the same Operations Manual that I use to train my employees. No information has been left out! It is jam packed with useful information on supplies and equipment, installation tips, and customer and employee management.

This literally is the definitive A-Z Guide for running a successful Christmas Light Installation business. There are 14 chapters of highly useful information which will allow you to get your business up and running today!

I will give you my secrets for customer prospecting and retention. I will give you tips on how to manage your employees effectively. Every piece of information I know has gone into this book!

Free upgrades for Life!

Free Updates for Life ($47 Value)

The Christmas Light Industry is still relatively new and there are time-saving techniques which are being discovered all the time. I am now on the second edition of the Christmas Light Installation Business Kit and for every subsequent edition, you get absolutely free.

When you purchase this product, you purchase it for life! Everytime there is an upgrade or new advertising material of information is added, you recieve it. Absolutely free!


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Christmas Lights

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